New Members to Harborough AC

New members are always welcome. Please contact a member of the committee for further info.

Junior members (age 8 - 14) meet on Mondays at 6:00pm at Robert Smyth School Sports Centre and are coached by John Thompson and Graham Hillier.

Senior and junior (U14-U18) members meet on Tuesdays at 6.45pm at the Training Shed, St Marys Road. There are a number of groups to suit a wide range of abilities, based roughly on 5km (Parkrun) times.

  1. Coaches: John Thompson/Andy Meads - Sub 19 minutes for 5km.
  2. Coach: Graeme Rolfe - 19-22 minutes for 5km.
  3. Coaches: David Ward/Martin Hughes - 22-25 minutes for 5km.
  4. Coaches: Yvonne Barber/Andy Shrive - 27 minutes and upwards for 5km .

The above times are only a guide and athletes are encouraged to move between groups to improve their running.