Snow? It's just a bit Park-y; that's all!

As a result of the weather, several races scheduled for the past two days were cancelled. As such, it proved to be a less-eventful-than-usual one for Harborough AC.
At the first race in the Wellingborough Multi-Terrain Series - held at Jurassic Country Park, Irchester - in bitter, snow-ridden conditions, three hardy HAC members donned hats, gloves and multiple extra layers; determined not to let the climate interfere with their running! Over the course of the Series, entrants choose to race over either 5km, 10km, or 15km, over the course of six weeks. For the opener, Mark Cherry and Jackie King opted for the middle of the three distances. Cherry clocked 41:26 for a top-10 finish (eighth) from over 200 runners, with King placing 102nd (in 54:06). Over the longer course, Jackie's husband - Ady - celebrated his birthday with a hard-fought seventh spot, just breaking the 1-hour mark in the process (with 59:36) among 112 finishers. The second event in the Series will be held on the first weekend of February.

One day earlier, Matthew Taylor once more ran the Leamington Parkrun - one of the few survivors of that particular stable of events across the country. His time of 20:17 yielded a very impressive third-placed return, from 92-strong field. Elsewhere, meanwhile, and sibling, Dan, was treading more luxuriant climes; at the Brisbane South Bank version. There, his run of 22:22 gave him 24th spot of the 199 racing on the day.


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Snow? It's just a bit Park-y; that's all!

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