The following has been released by SDRR regarding the Ashby 5:

"The organising committee has today satisfied itself that by Sunday most of the course will be free of snow and ice. There has been some doubt about the last half mile and a diverted route back onto the road will be used. This has resulted in a slight increase in distance from 5 miles to 5.12 miles (measured by Garmin).* *There are some difficulties with parking so please share lifts where possible* *Please see further details issued by South Derbyshire RR below* The course has today been evaluated by the Race Committee and it has been concluded that although some parts of the course still have melting snow on the ground there is no reason to cancel the race. The weather forecast for Saturday predicts very good conditions to further melt most if not all of the snow. We have slight concerns about the last half mile or so of the course but by diverting that part of the course back onto the road and changing the finish funnel we believe we can ensure a safe race along the whole route. We have today measured the adjusted course using a Garmin and found it to be 5.12 miles which makes it a reasonable match for the original 5 miler. We are publishing that the race will go ahead on our website this evening and trust you will do so on yours in order to maintian the participation levels that we have enjoyed in the past We do however have one problem which can be helped by as many people as possible sharing lifts. We have lost half of the parking at the school higher up North Street due to Health and Safety Issues which the school are not satisfied with. However as long as people are prepared to park a short distance away, there are many public car parks that are available at no charge on a Sunday. In particular the car park in South Street leaves a relatively short wallk back to the centre. We will be filling the closest car parks first and when they are full we will be directing all vehicles to the South Street area. Please note that some car parks are not council run and do levy charges on a Sunday, so before leaving your car check the published conditions in that car park. We hope we can do justice to being the first race in the series after such inclement weather and look forward to all of your teams competing in the Ashby 5."


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