2008 British Female Road Rankings

Sarah Haines

The recently published 2008 UK Road Rankings (Athletics Weekly, January 15 2009) reconfirm the delivery and scale of the season enjoyed by the 2008 Harborough Mail’s Sportswoman of the Year, showing her as having recorded the 27th quickest British Female time for 10 miles. In a category headed by Paula Radcliffe’s imperious 51:11 (as registered at the Great South Run), Haines is in illustrious company throughout, ranking a mere few minutes behind the likes of Hayley Yelling and Tracey Morris, and placing higher than her local rivals of Gemma Steel and Nicki Nealon.

Full listings of the 2008 British Female Road Rankings can be found in the January 15 issue of Athletics Weekly, or via


2008 British Female Road Rankings