Weekend Round-Up

After several weeks of intense action, the past weekend saw the majority of Harborough AC athletes taking a well-earned break.

However, perhaps one of those whose legs could be said to be more deserving than many – Ady King – elected to subject his undoubtedly aching limbs to another stern test.Ady Alongside clubmates Graeme Rolfe and Kate Southern (as well as more than 1500 others), King chose to take on the heights of Snowdon, in the shape of the 2013 Snowdonia marathon. Just one week hence from finally cracking the hitherto elusive three-hour mark, though, King was evidently still riding the crest of that veritable wave. And a clocking this time round of 3:10:47 gave him a top-50 finish, picking off 47th spot overall. A little farther back, Rolfe was also taking full advantage of the unusually conducive conditions, with his time of 3:52:38 representing a near-six minute improvement on that of twelve months previous, and giving him 436th position. Also breaking into the top half of the field was Southern. Her 4:08:23 yielding 692nd place. Commenting on the somewhat more clement prevailing weather conditions than the habitual for the race, Rolfe – a relative veteran of the course with several traverses under his belt – said: “I nearly got blown off my feet at about 25 miles, other than that, it was surprisingly dry. And that’s for the second year running; they’ll have to move it to January at this rate to keep the challenge element up!”.

Elsewhere, and taking advantage of another commitment that rendered a new Parkrun location at her disposal, Marise Taylor took on the Guildford version of the Series. On a notably blustery day, and over an undulating parcours, Taylor registered 27:23, for 107th spot amongst nigh-on 200. Son, Matthew, meanwhile, was revisiting a more familiar terrain – at the Leamington event. There, he crossed the line in 34th, with a time of 21:04, for a fine finish in an entry of over 250. At the still relatively new Corby course, there were top-ten returns for Tom Ward (sixth, in 19:41), Adam Eales (seventh, 20:01), and Dave Waddington (eighth, 21:45). In Northampton, Graham Laurie returned to his well-honed walking technique as he stopped the watch at 35:37. Pride of place, however, should be rightly reserved for Matt Driver, who flew to a clocking of 18:16, to win the Hanley race.


Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up