Going at a Fair Gallop!

Christmas is but a heartbeat away, and the hooved-clan of Rudolph & Co. will no doubt be galloping through their final pre-festivity preparations, to ensure smooth passage on the 25th. In similar vein, two of Harborough AC’s more explorative types spent this past weekend enduring their own dash; in the form of the 5,25-mile, multi-terrain Gaddesby Gallop. In the third edition of its present form (having only be reprised in 2011), the principal goal bears little reference or accord to time or place, and far more to simply finishing a course that demands runners to traverse a dew pond, before navigating through a sludge-sodden 4’-diameter drainpipe, and then wading along a length of the Gaddesby Brook, en route between the villages of Barsby and Gaddesby, via Ashby Folville!
And so it was that Nick Turner-Henke and Nicola James – neither known to be one to shirk a challenge – toed the starting line, alongside some 100-plus others. With cold, winter conditions motivating the competitors to push ever harder – though all notably still sporting a wide-eyed smile throughout – the intrepid duo did indeed succeed in crossing the heralded finishing line. Later, finisher’s medal firmly in hand, James enthused; “I had a fabulous time! Water, drainpipes, and lots of mud – it’s just my kind of race! Oh, and with a hosepipe to wash your shoes off at the end. Great fun!”

Enjoying somewhat more consistent, sure underfoot terrain, a total of seven of the Club’s number tackled two of the local Parkrun events. At Corby’s West Glebe Park setting, there were top-ten placings for Tom Ward (third, in a time of 19:39) and Dave Waddington (sixth, 20:27), with Kevin Dinsdale (21st, 23:28), Emily Taylor (31st, 24:59), Marise Taylor (42nd, 26:31), and Dave Oram (66th, 36:47) competing the HAC entry. Over the Northampton racecourse circuit, meanwhile, Graham Laurie honed his race walk technique a little further, covering the usual 5km distance in 33:02 (for 147th position).

Over a particularly innovative 10km course - taking in a daunting stair climb and tough uphill run within the first 5,5km, the 2013 U Giru de Natale race - held in the Principality of Monaco - had close to 2,000 runners. Amongst them, Kyle Barber managed to stride to a top-100 position, taking 96th spot (38:29).

Midweek, Ray Lack also took on the 5km distance – this time at the second in the Leicester City Winter Series. Around the Victoria Park location, Lack clocked a time of 26:27, to top the MV65 age category.


Going at a Fair Gallop!


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