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Event: Round Harborough Autumn Relay
Venue: Wheel & Compass, Weston by Welland.
Date: 24/08/2016
Distance: 3.1mi (short), 5mi (long)

Legs 1, 2 and 4 are short legs of 3.1 miles.
Leg 3 is a long leg of 5 miles.

Team A

Team A finished 4th with a total time of 01:44:08.
Wendy Williams10:27:30
Jill Postlethwaite20:22:33
Andy Meads30:30:19
Martin Hughes40:23:46

Team B

Team B finished 3rd with a total time of 01:44:04.
Amanda Scuffham10:27:56
Chris Webb20:23:34
Matt Driver30:27:55
Chris Loake40:24:39

Team C

Team C finished 5th with a total time of 01:45:44.
Elaine Hichman10:29:05
Haydn Jones20:22:36
Tow Ward30:32:12
Paul Tomlinson40:21:51

Team D

Team D finished 6th with a total time of 01:48:15.
Beth Smith10:31:38
Graeme Rolfe20:22:14
Bob 'Barefoot' Allsop30:34:07
Sean Fenwick40:20:14

Team E

Team E finished 7th with a total time of 01:52:51.
Pam Hilliam10:34:50
Mike Brown20:23:51
Dan Taylor30:30:50
Sarah Ward40:23:20

Team F

Team F finished 2nd with a total time of 01:42:04.
Ray Lack10:25:29
Sean Fenwick20:18:41
Adam Brooks30:34:30
Graeme Rolfe40:23:24

Team G

Team G finished 1st with a total time of 01:39:19.
Kenny Anderson10:22:06
Gary Wallace20:24:40
Gareth Wood30:29:36
Lewis Dinsdale40:22:57