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Event: Wolvey '5' (LRRL)
Venue: Wolvey, Warwickshire
Date: 24/02/2008
Distance: 5 Miles

16th Andy Robinson 28m 27secs
45th David Waddington 30m 03secs
52nd Steve Costall 30m 24secs
75th Scott Speller 31m 27secs
111th Shane Edge 32m 39secs
132nd Adam Brooks 33m 26secs
162nd Ady King 34m 39secs
167th Maurice Gray 34m 51secs
172nd Mark Garrod 34m 55secs
176th Graeme Rolfe 34m 59secs
208th Paul Russell 36m 22secs
223rd Dean Rushby 37m 09secs
267th Chris Loake 40m 20secs

*there were a total of 302 male finishers.
*the Men's Team are lying 4th in League 3.
*the Men's Vets Team are 5th.

68th Ruth Bingham 40m 05secs
71st Lianne Brooks 40m 12secs
82nd Zoe Garrod 41m 32secs
85th Lin Farrow 41m 53secs
103rd Jo Johnston 43m 50secs
126th Yvonne Barber 48m 31secs
136th Anne Knights 53m 30secs
137th Sue Stray 56m 05secs
138th Jasmine Nembhard-Francis 58m 31secs

*there were a total of 138 female finishers.
*the Women's Team are lying 6th in League 2.
*the Women's Vets Team are 11th.