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Event: The Ivanhoe Challenge 2014
Venue: Market Bosworth CV13 0LP
Date: 15/02/2014
Distance: Varied

Year 1&2 Boys:(1000m)
13th Oli Davies
*There were 52 finishers.

Year 3&4 Boys:(1500m)
8th Noah Smith
36th Jude Major
56th Jahiem Obazee
*There were 69 finishers.

Year 3&4 Girls:(1500m)
14th Lyla Finch
*There were 44 finishers.

Year 5&6 Boys:(1700m)
9th Harvey Finch
20th Jamie Davis
23rd Evan Peterson
32nd Adam Stewart
38th Alfie Major
43rd Myles Fenwick
44th Ethan Shearing
*There were 45 finishers.

Year 5&6 Girls:(1700m)
13th Hannah Smith
17th Ronan Finch
39th Eleanor Partridge
49th Olivia Young
*There were 58 finishers.

Year 7&8 Girls:(2500m)
8th Lauren Evans
12th Hannah Stewart