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Event: HAC Club Time Trial
Venue: The Leisure Centre, Market Harborough
Date: 22/04/2014
Distance: 2 Miles

1stNatalie Ives717:55
2ndJenny Dance1016:01
3rdSam Edwards2610:50
4thLizzie Clapp1515:01
5thAndrew Ward1714:22
6thBen Smith1913:42
7thLynsey Allison1216:02
8thLottie Edwards1913:46
9thRay Lack1216:04
10thLauren Evans1415:33
11thLianne Brooks1515:20
12thMartha Clapp2113:13
13thAlastair Campbell2113:14
14thAdy King2511:32
15thHannah Stewart1515:24
16thMollie Watson1913:54
17thNiamh Watson1913:55
18thDave Oram321:58
19thLazloe Boden2511:36
20thAndy Meads2710:59
21stMichelle Ives619:24
22ndPaul O’Brien1914:02
23rdSteve Compton2113:26
24thLin Farrow1316:05
25thJackie King1316:06
26thMarise Taylor1116:44
27thMatt Driver2711:13
28thGeorge Eveleigh2213:13
29thHannah Eveleigh2312:45
30thAlice Tansey1714:59
31stNick Turner-Henke2213:17
32ndClaire Eales619:46
33rdSean Fenwick2810:47
34thGraham Rolfe2213:24
35thSteve Barringer2014:09
36thKevin Dinsdale1914:30
37thDominic Henges1017:42
38thAdam Eales2412:37
39thRick Brown2014:17
40thBethany Ellis2313:09
41stPeter Herst1815:02
42ndDavid Ward1715:26
43rdRichard Bufton2313:26
44thCharlotte Ellis2014:42
45thKaren Brooks2413:03
46thTheresa Brown619:27
47thTim Durham2114:35
48thAmy Southworth1716:03
49thAdam Brooks2712:46
50thWill Clapp2712:56