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Event: Weedon '10' (EMGP Series)
Venue: Weedon, Northamptonshire
Date: 03/06/2008
Distance: 10km

27th Martin Gore 37m 50secs
40th Dave Waddington 39m 12secs
54th Richard Bufton 40m 06secs (5th MV50)
63rd Shane Edge 40m 56secs
98th Karen Brooks 43m 22secs (2nd FV45)
103rd Adam Brooks 43m 37secs
136th Mark Garrod 44m 50secs
149th Martin Hughes 45m 32secs
169th Andy Shrive 46m 24secs
212th Ray Lack 50m 00secs
245th Traci Edwards 52m 37secs
262nd Dave Oram 54m 14secs (4th MV65)
286th Brenda Shrive 58m 52secs
289th Nien Gardner 59m 59secs

*there were a total of 305 finishers.

***the men's team were 4th, and the women's team 8th. The veteran men's team were 3rd, the veteran women's team 4th.

**full results are available via