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Event: Heart of England Track & Field
Venue: Warwick University
Date: 08/06/2008
Distance: varied

U11 Boys:

600m 4th Ewan Muircroft 2m 08.7secs
Long Jump 4th Ewan Muircroft 3.25m
75m 4th Ewan Muircroft 12.2secs

U17 Boys:

800m 2nd Matt Driver 2m 25.9secs
400m 1st Matt Driver 60.8secs

U11 Girls:

Long Jump 5th Charlotte Aldershaw 2.77m
600m 4th Charlotte Aldershaw 2m 34.5secs
75m 4th Charlotte Aldershaw 13.6secs

U13 Girls:

70m H 5th Evie Smith 17.3secs
100m 6th Evie Smith 16.2secs

U17 Girls:

800m 1st Sarah Ward 2m 30.3secs
400m 1st Sarah Ward 64.9secs