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Event: Veterans Track & Field Cup Final
Venue: Stafford
Date: 05/09/2009
Distance: Varied

100m M35 Andy Wilkinson 2nd 14.7s
100m M50 Tony Harrison 2nd 14.1s

200m M40 Andy Wilkinson 3rd 30.8s
200m M50 Tony Harrison 2nd 30.9s
200m M60 Stuart Avins 3rd 34.7s

400m M35 Andy Wilkinson 2nd 68.2s
400m M60 Stuart Avins 3rd 76.0s

800m M40 Will Clapp 2nd 2mins 30.0s
800m M60 Stuart Avins 2nd 2mins 48.3s

1500m M40 Martin Gore 1st 4mins 52.1s
1500m M50 Rick Brown 1st 5mins 29.0s

3000m M35 Will Clapp 1st 9mins 57.2s
3000m M60 Pete Leach 1st 13mins 23.3s

2k Walk M35 John Thompson 1st 11mins 47.5s

Long Jump M40 Tony Harrison 2nd 3.90m
Long Jump M60 Stuart Avins 1st 3.78m

Hammer M35 Graham Hillier 1st 18.82m
Hammer M50 Tony Harrison 1st 11.10m

Pole Vault M40 Andy Wilkinson 1st 3.10m

High Jump M35 Andy Wilkinson 1st 1.30m
High Jump M50 Stuart Avins 1st 1.20m

Shot Putt M50 Tony Harrison 2nd 7.72m (*Club Record)
Shot Putt M60 Stuart Avins 2nd 7.69m

Discus M35 Andy Wilkinson 2nd 15.02m

Triple Jump M50 Tony Harrison 3rd 7.81m

Javelin M40 Andy Wilkinson 2nd 21.20m
Javelin M60 Stuart Avins 1st 22.61m

*The Men's Team finished 1st with 204 points.

100m W35 Nicola James 3rd 17.3s
100m W50 Jill Roginski 2nd 16.5s

200m W40 Jill Roginski 3rd 37.1s
200m W60 Jenny Jones 2nd 73.3s

3000m W35 Nicola James 1st 13mins 11.4s

2km Walk W35 Nicola James 2nd 15mins 29.8s
2km Walk W50 Jenny Jones 2nd 19mins 12.9s

Long Jump W40 Jill Roginski 2nd 3.56m

Hammer W35 Jill Roginski 3rd 13.85m

High Jump W35 Jill Roginski 2nd 1.15m
High Jump W50 Jill Roginski 1st 1.15m

Discus W50 Jill Roginski 1st 20.00m

Shot Putt W40 Jill Roginski 2nd 6.10m

*The Ladies' Team finished 2nd with 106 points.