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Event: The Great Kibworth Run
Venue: Kibworth
Date: 27/09/2009
Distance: 1/3 & 1/2 Marathon

1/3 Marathon:
2nd Hugh Delargy 57mins 56s
5th Rory Maclaughlin 60mins 44s
12th Penny Smith 75mins 42s
63rd Rachel Lundy 79mins 08s
68th Dave Oram 80mins 55s
109th Yasmin Delargy 93mins 06s

*There were a total of 126 finishers.

1/2 Marathon:
26th Nick Turner-Henke 1hour 37mins 25s
31st Shane Edge 1hour 39mins 05s
69th Katy Kenyon 1hour 49mins 20s
99th Traci Edwards 1hour 56mins 09s
166th Dorothy Burrows 2hours 14mins 14s
174th Jason & Sarah Pitcher 2hours 16mins 24s
180th Colin Stoner 2hours 18mins 26s
190th Jim Knights 2hours 23mins 15s

*There were a total of 212 finishers.

**Full results available via the Great Kibworth Run Website