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Event: Stilton '7' (LRRL Series, Race 4)
Venue: Welby Road, Stilton
Date: 07/03/2010
Distance: 7 Miles

62nd Adam Brooks 44mins 26s
64th Richard Bufton 44mins 29s
75th Ady King 44mins 59s
106th Matt Driver 47mins 13s
151st Graeme Rolfe 50mins 13s
161st Martin Hughes 50mins 54s
286th Ruth Bingham 59mins 34s
305th Jackie King 62mins 14s
310th Jo Johnston 62mins 46s
321st Lind Lawton 64mins 33s

*There were a total of 358 finishers.

**Full results available via the Stilton Striders Website