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Event: Rugby '6' (EMGP Series, Race 2)
Venue: Ashlawn Road, Rugby CV22 5QF
Date: 10/05/2011
Distance: 6 Miles

4th Sean Fenwick 32:37 (1st MV40)
18th Martin Gore 35:50 (4th MV40)
20th Jason Pitcher 36:04 (5th MV40)
22nd Matt Driver 36:13 (3rd MU20)
27th Ady King 36:42
75th Hannah Eveleigh 39:48 (3rd FV35)
113th Nick Turner-Henke 41:48
117th Alan Fordham 41:56
171st Kevin Dinsdale 45:09
193rd Chris Loake 47:08
198th David Ward 47:30
219th Jackie King 49:05 (5th FV45)
241st Jo Johnston 50:09
251st Lin Farrow 51:14 (4th FV55)

*There were 317 finishers.
**The Senior Men's Team finished 2nd, and the Veteran Men's Team were 1st; the Senior Women's Team were 7th, while the Veteran Women's Team 4th.
***Full Results available via this link.