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Event: Kettering XC (North Midlands Cross Country League)
Venue: Wicksteed Park
Date: 13/10/2007

Senior Men:
4th Sean Fenwick 32m 51secs
32nd Andy Robinson 36m 22secs
38th Will Clapp 36m 53secs
58th Martin Gore 38m 21secs
93rd Tony Harrison 42m 02secs
99th Rick Brown 42m 50secs
116th Graham Rolfe 46m 02secs
117th Stuart Avins 46m 09secs
134th Dave Oram 51m 45secs

The men's team placed 9th overall.

Senior Women:
18th Karen Brooks 27m 04secs
24th Henrietta Streicher 27m 27secs
29th Toni Boa 28m 04secs
38th Nicola James 29m 44secs
46th Lianne Brooks 31m 15secs
50th Zoe Garrod 33m 09secs

The women's team placed 6th overall.

U15 Girls:
10th Sarah Ward 13m 22secs

13th Martha Clapp 8m 47secs
15th Ewan Muircroft 8m 51secs
16th Ewan Waddington 8m 52secs

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