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Event: Heart of England Track & Field, Meeting 3
Venue: Edmonscote Track, River Close, Leamington Spa CV32
Date: 01/09/2012
Distance: Varied

EventNameAge GroupTeamResult
75mHannah StewartU11 GirlsA13.8s
Freya TanseyB13.2s
100mNiamh WatsonU13 GirlsA15.3s
Charlotte EllisB15.3s
Alex WaylandU13 BoysA16.5s
Isaac WatsonU15 BoysA14.5s
200mAlice TanseyU13 GirlsA30.4s
Charlotte EllisBTBC
300mBethany EllisU17 GirlsA44.7s
600mHannah StewartU11 GirlsA2:28.4
Freya TanseyB2:37.6
800mNiamh WatsonU13 GirlsA2:39
Mollie WatsonB2:42
Bethany EllisU17 GirlsA2:21.7
1500mAlice TanseyU13 GirlsA5:41
70mHMollie WatsonU13 GirlsA14.9s
75mHAlex WaylandU13 BoysA16.7s
Long JumpHannah StewartU11 GirlsA2.56m
Freya TanseyB2.94m
Niamh WatsonU13 GirlsA4.10m
Mollie WatsonB3.94m
Isaac WatsonU15 BoysA4.07m
Bethany EllisU17 GirlsA4.37m(*CR)
High JumpAlice TanseyU13 GirlsA1.20m(*CR)
Shot PutCharlotte EllisU13 GirlsA6.07m(*CR)
JavelinIsaac WatsonU15 BoysA21.18m
4x100m RelayCharlotte EllisU13 Girls-58.9s(*CR)
Mollie Watson
Alice Tansey
Niamh Watson

**Full Results are available via this link.