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Event: 2012 HAC Xmas Handicap
Venue: The Leisure Centre, Market Harborough
Date: 15/12/2012
Distance: 1800m/ 2800m/ 2.95 Miles


Lizzie Clapp1st7:46
Hannah Stewart 2nd8:20
Toby Fletcher3rd8:46
Lauren Upfold4th8:50
Amelia Walsh5th9:08
Adam Stewart 6th9:30
Joseph Gorry7th9:57
Callee Coulton8th10:08
Emma Sleeman 9th10:11
Molly Johnson10th10:12
Eleanor Partridge11th10:34
Holly Benson12th10:58
Amelia Parrington13th11:01
Callum Toone14th11:29
William Deely15th12:34
Freya Tansey16th12:49


Mollie Watson1st10:28
Isaac Watson2nd10:32
Josh Hampton Riddington3rd10:50
Otis Harrison4th10:50
Niamh Watson5th10:46
Charlie Blencowe6th10:56
Lottie Edwards7th10:58
Alice Tansey8th10:59
Ursula Clapp9th11:35
Lauren Evans10th12:05
Lewis Dinsdale11th12:14
Martha Clapp12th13:11
Alex Herbert13th13:32
Ben Sleeman14th14:32
Amy Barley15th14:29
Catriona Deely16th18:39


Handicap times not included.
Lin Farrow1st0:22:59
Theresa Brown2nd0:27:07
Jackie Hanmer3rd0:20:15
Kevin Dinsdale4th0:22:24
Rick Brown5th0:20:42
Lianne Brooks6th0:22:46
Yvonne Barber7th0:30:55
Jo Johnston8th0:23:56
Jackie King9th0:22:57
Tom Ward10th0:18:06
Sarah Blencowe11th0:23:07
Martin Gore12th0:17:20
Sam Edwards13th0:16:25
Marise Taylor14th0:23:45
Matt Driver15th0:16:58
Graeme Rolfe16th0:19:59
Nick Johnston17th0:21:00
Emily Taylor18th0:24:21
Will Clapp19th0:17:28
Matt Taylor20th0:19:55
Rachael Hardman21st0:23:35
Neal Partridge22nd0:30:03