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Event: Midlands Counties Road Relays (Men)
Venue: Sutton Park
Date: 22/09/2007
Distance: 6x 5.847km

'A' Team:
1st leg: Sean Fenwick 19mins 19secs
2nd leg: Martin Gore 21mins 11secs
3rd leg: Dan Worley 21mins 33secs
4th leg: Jason Pitcher 21mins 25secs
5th leg: Will Clapp 20mins 58secs
6th leg: Scott Speller 23mins 44secs

The 'A' Team finished 40th.

'B' Team:
1st leg: Tony Harrison 24mins 23secs
2nd leg: Graham Rolfe 26mins 14secs
3rd leg: D Ward 26mins 49secs
4th leg: Alan Fordham 25mins 37secs
5th leg: Pete Leach 26mins 28secs
6th leg: Derek Reid 32mins 09secs

The 'B' Team finished 84th.

There were a total of 87 complete teams.

Special note to Graham Hillier (26mins 01secs) and Dean Rushby (25mins 50secs), who also ran individual legs.

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