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Event: National 4 Stage Relays
Venue: Sutton Park
Date: 20/10/2007
Distance: 4.314 km

'A' Team:
1st leg: Sarah Haines 15m 54secs
2nd leg: Hannah Eveleigh 17m 01secs
3rd leg: Karen Brooks 18m 03secs
4th leg: Katy Kenyon 19m 03secs

The 'A' Team placed 51st overall.

'B' Team:
1st leg: Nicola James 19m 27secs
2nd leg: Ruth Bingham 20m 39secs
3rd leg: Jo Johnson 22m 20secs
4th leg: Zoe Garrod 22m 25secs

The 'B' Team placed 75th overall.

There were a total of 77 complete teams.