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Event: National Cross Country Championships
Venue: Berry Hill Park, Mansfield
Date: 03/11/2007
Distance: 5km, 3km

Men (4 x 5k):
Harborough 'A':
1st leg: Pete Swaine 16m 32.80secs
2nd leg: Martin Gore 18m 22.35secs
3rd leg: Tom Duck 18m 39.00secs
4th leg: Scott Speller 20m 15.60secs

'A' team was 91st overall.

Harborough 'B':
1st leg: Rick Brown 22m 05.65secs
2nd leg: Ian Chick 21m 44.85secs
3rd leg: Tony Harrison 20m 21.45secs
4th leg: Martin Hughes 21. 29.90secs

'B' team was 135th overall.

There were a total of 143 complete men's teams.

Ladies (3 x 3k):
1st leg: Sarah Haines 11m 08.15secs
2nd leg: Karen Brooks 12m 14.00secs
3rd leg: Zoe Garrod 15m 06.45secs

Team was 60th overall.

There were a total of 83 complete women's teams.

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