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Event: 'Stars of the Future' T&F Meeting
Venue: Loughborough University, LE11 3TU
Date: 18/08/2013
Distance: Varied

DistanceAge GroupNamePositionTime/ Distance
*Full Results are available via this link
70mHU13 GirlsCharlotte Ellis4th (heat)12.37s
8th (final)12.40s
75mHU15 GirlsSophie Domingo2nd (heat)12.58s
3rd (final)12.49s
200mU13 GirlsCharlotte Ellis2nd (heat)29.67s
5th (final)30.04s
800mU15 GirlsNiamh Watson4th2:33.38
Mollie Watson5th2:38.94
High JumpU15 GirlsSophie Domingo4th1.40m
Mollie Watson6th1.30m
Long JumpU13 GirlsCharlotte Ellis3rd4.05m
JavelinU15 GirlsSophie Domingo2nd23.68m(*CR)