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Event: Midland Vets Track & Field Cup Final
Venue: Pingles Leisure Centre, Avenue Road, NUNEATON CV11
Date: 01/09/2013
Distance: Varied


EventAge BracketNamePositionResult
100mMV50Martin Hughes7th16.4s
200m MV50Martin Hughes7th32.9s
400m MV50Martin Gore7th61.6s
800m MV50Martin Hughes5th2:45.0
1500mMV40Sean Fenwick6th4:47.6
MV50Marticn Hughes5th5:49.5
2k WalkMV35Graham Laurie5th13:03.2
MV50John Thompson2nd11:35.2
EventAge BracketNamePositionResult
The Menís Team were classified 7th with 38pts
JavelinMV50John Thompson3rd32.00m
HammerMV50Graham Hillier5th22.53m(*CR)


EventAge BracketNamePositionResult
100mFV35Nicola James7th16.7s
FV50Linda Lawton5th16.5s
FV60Anne Knights3rd18.6s
200mFV40Linda Lawton6th35.0s
FV60Anne Knights3rd40.0s
400mFV40Nicola James4th78.4s
FV50Linda Lawton3rd84.0s
800m FV40Karen Brooks1st2:33.7
FV60Anne Knights5th4:16.7
1500mFV35Linda Lawton6th6:35.6
3000mFV35Nicola James6th13:25.6
FV50Karen Brooks1st12:04.1
2k WalkFV35Jenny Jones5th19:04.1
FV50Lin Farrow2nd13:59.7
4x400m Relay-Linda Lawton5th5:44.1
Lin Farrow
Nicola James
Karen Brooks
EventAge BracketNamePositionResult
The Women's Team were classified 4th with 128pts
The Combined Team finished 7th overall.
High JumpFV40Marise Taylor4th1.15m
Triple JumpFV40Marise Taylor3rd7.39m
FV50Jill Roginski4th6.95m
Long JumpFV35Marise Taylor4th3.40m
FV50Jill Roginski6th3.15m
JavelinFV50Jill Roginski6th20.31m
Shot PutFV35Marise Taylor6th6.21m
FV60Anne Knights2nd5.17m(*CR)
DiscusFV60Anne Knights3rd9.49m
HammerFV40Marise Taylor5th15.99m
FV50Jill Roginski6th17.28m
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