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Event: The Adidas Flora London Marathon 2008
Venue: London
Date: 13/04/2008
Distance: 26.2 Miles

2045th Kyle Barber 3h 11m 45secs
2549th Jay Hairsine 3h 15m 40secs
4760th Steve Compton 3h 30m 29secs
7447th Chris Beasey 3h 44m 56secs
14697th Ian Bott 4h 12m 31secs
15682nd Toby Orr 4h 16m 20secs
16227th Bev Wilson 4h 18m 24secs
29297th Amanda Devine 5h 21m 34secs

*there were a total of 34,309 finishers.

*full results available via