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Event: North Midlands XC League, Race 2
Venue: West Glebe Park, Corby, NN17 1SZ.
Date: 09/11/2013
Distance: Varied

U11 Mixed: (2.0km)
3rd George Eveleigh (7:45)
15th George Lowe (8:32)
20th Lizzie Clapp (8:39, 5th girl)
24th Rohan Finch (9:01)
25th Hannah Smith (9:05)
28th Jamie Davis (9:12)
33rd Luke Ainsworth (9:24)
37th Alfie Hilton (9:42)
38th Jacob Holmes (9:43)
40th Adam Stewart (9:46)
55th Thomas Ainsworth (10:57)
59th Toby Fletcher (11:03)
61st Eleanor Partridge (11:10)
64th Georgia Saleh (11:20)
66th Olivia Young (11:31)
67th Isabella Hart (12:17)
*There were a total of 70 finishers across the combined race.
**The Combined Team was classified 2nd, and lie 4th overall.

U13 Girls: (3.1km)
17th Scarlett Wilson (13:12)
29th Lauren Evans (14:21)
32nd Georgina Wilson (14:45)
40th Hannah Stewart (16:29)
*There were a total of 42 finishers.
**The team finished 8th, and lies 6th Overall.

U15 Boys: (5km)
27th Charlie Blencowe (21:48)
*There were a total of 27 finishers.

U15 Girls: (3.1km)
4th Niamh Watson (12:00)
7th Mollie Watson (12:12)
10th Sophie Domingo (12:38)
22nd Alice Tansey (13:17)
*There were a total of 34 finishers.
**The team finished 2nd, and lies 4th Overall.

U17 Women: (4.7km)
7th Martha Clapp (20:37)
*There were a total of 22 finishers.

Senior Men: (10km)
48th Andrew Robinson (35:33)
49th Matt Driver (35:37)
109th Tom Ward (39:43)
123rd Steve Costall (41:29)
163rd Martin Hughes (47:28)
173rd George Nolan (48:41)
*There were a total of 177 finishers.
**The Veteran team finished 10th, and lie 10th Overall.

Senior Women: (6.0km)
7th Hannah Eveleigh (23:56, 1st FV40)
25th Karen Brooks (25:19, 1st FV50)
26th Jacquie Hanmer (25:25, 3rd FV45)
35th Yvonne Scarrott (26:48, 4th FV45)
49th Nicola James (29:00)
58th Sarah Blencowe (30:30)
61st Nikki Bugla (31:29)
62nd Lin Farrow (31:40, 1st FV55)
68th Jo Johnston (33:11)
*There were a total of 74 finishers.
**The Senior team finished 8th, and lie 9th Overall, with the Veteran team 1st, and lying 1st Overall.

**Full Results are available via this link.