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Event: Marie Curie Daffodil Run
Venue: Kelmarsh
Date: 27/04/2008
Distance: 10 km, 15 Miles

15 Miles:
9th Jason Pitcher 1h 39m 53secs
14th Chris Webb 1h42m 55secs
28th Hannah Eveleigh 1h 51m 27secs
34th Shane Edge 1h 52m 22secs
49th Adam Herring 1h 56m 39secs
64th Henrietta Streicher 1h 59m 53secs
145th Traci Edwards 2h 18m 01secs
229th Sandra Arm 2h 45m 07secs

*there were a total of 250 finishers.
**the 15 Mile race was won by Gordon Lee, in 1h 22m 29secs.

10 km:
11th Scott Speller 41m 19secs
16th Kyle Barber 42m 11secs
23rd Rick Brown 43m 20secs
29th Adam Brooks 43m 55secs
36th Karen Brooks 44m 35secs
179th Gordon Hosie 51m 25secs
225th Stuart Nimmo 52m 24secs
250th Lianne Brooks 53m 15secs
263rd Neil Oldham 53m 46secs
279th Geshom Nyathi 54m 22secs
308th Lin Farrow 55m 31secs
317th Maria Kilby 55m 44secs
326th Jo Wilson 56m 01secs
349th Steve Compton 56m 38secs
390th Andrew Merriman 57m 43secs
463rd Chris Feather 59m 28secs
465th Clare Barton 59m 31secs
592nd Kelly Pickering 62m 34secs
601st Tracy Ward 62m 53secs
633rd Sarah Blencowe 63m 47secs
710th Yvonne Barber 66m 34secs

*there were a total of 964 finishers.

**results are available via (for the 10km) and (for the 15 Miles).