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Event: HAC Xmas Handicap
Venue: The Leisure Centre, Market Harborough
Date: 21/12/2013
Distance: 1050m/ 2100m/ 2 Miles

1st Ray Lack
2nd Clare Eales
3rd Emma Partridge
4th Yvonne Barber
5th Marise Taylor
6th Lin Farrow
7th Emma Cuttle
8th Dave Ward
9th Neil Partridge
10th Theresa Brown
11th Mollie Watson
12th Millie Colbert
13th Martha Clapp
14th Niamh Watson
15th Sarah Blencowe
16th Alice Tansey
17th Matthew Taylor
18th George Eveleigh
19th Kevin Dinsdale
20th Niki Bugla
21st Dan Eveleigh
22nd Jacquie Hanmer
23rd Matt Driver
24th Martin Gore
25th Hannah Eveleigh
26th Tom Ward
27th Yvonne Scarrott
28th Karen Brooks
29th Charlie Blencowe
30th Alan Fordham
31st Paul Russell
32nd Ben Campbell
33rd Alisatair Campbell
34th Ben Toon

Juniors: (1050m)
1st Thomas Ainsworth 6:07
2nd Max Fletcher 6:15
3rd Ben Evans 6:24
4th Lyla Finch 6:44
5th Oli Danes 7:01
6th Isaac Turner 7:29
7th George Deely 7:33
8th Andrew Anderson 7:45
9th Charlie James 7:54
10th Oliver Toon 9:12
11th Becky Gore 9:24

Juniors: (2100m)
1st George Lowe 10:01
2nd Ursula Clapp 10:03
3rd Harvey Finch 10:32
4th Lizzie Clapp 10:36
5th Scarlett Kitson 10:38
6th Luke Ainsworth 10:48
7th Noah Smith 10:51
8th Rohan Finch 10:57
9th Hannah Smith 11:02
10th Georgina Kitson 11:11
11th Lauren Evans 11:13
12th Jamie Danes 11:26
13th Euan Peterson 11:38
14th Harry Wilford 11:43
15th Alfie Hilton 11:43
16th Alys Brown 12:55
17th Beatrice Spencer 12:59
18th Eleanor Partridge 13:00
19th Toby Fletcher 13:08
20th Myles Fenwick 13:22
21st Euan Anderson 13:26
22nd Georgia Saleh 13:38
23rd Lois Vye 13:48
24th Will Deely 14:28
25th Callum Toon 14:45
26th Isabella Hart 14:55
27th Saliem Obazer 15:14