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Event: Senior Track & Field League, Meeting 4
Venue: Stourport SC, Kingsway, Worcestershire DY13 8BQ
Date: 02/08/2014
Distance: Varied

Men - Track

EventA/B StringNamePositionResult
100mAMatt Driver5th13.7s
400mAMatt Driver5th60.3s
800mAMatt Driver2nd2:30.9
BMatt Taylor1st2:24.2
1500mAMatt Driver3rd4:51.2
BDaniel Taylor3rd5:09.9
3000mAMatt Taylor4th10:21.3
BWill Clapp2nd11:21.8
3000m S/CAMatt Driver2nd11:57.0
BDan Taylor2nd12:53.4
400mHAMatt Taylor5th78.3s
BDan Taylor3rd96.6s
4x400m Relay-Dan Taylor4th4:28.2
Matt Taylor
Will Clapp
Matt Driver

Men - Field

EventA/B StringNamePositionResult
The Menís Team were classified TBC with TBCpts
High JumpADan Taylor4th1.40m
Long JumpALloyd Williams5th4.00m
DiscusAMatt Taylor8th14.36m
JavelinAMatt Taylor7th26.34m
HammerADan Taylor6th12.86m

Women - Track

EventA/B StringNamePositionResult
100mALianne Brooks5th15.2s
400mASarah Ward4th80.2s
800mAMartha Clapp2nd2:40.7
1500mAKaren Brooks2nd5:50.6
3000mAMartha Clapp2nd11:59.8
BKaren Brooks1st12:00.2
100m HurdlesALianne Brooks4th22.5s
BSarah Ward1st24.9s
400m HurdlesALianne Brooks4th90.5s
BSarah Ward1st92.3s
4x100m Relay-TBC4th66.3s
4x400m Relay-TBC4th4:28.2

Women - Field

EventA/B StringNamePositionResult
The Women's Team were classified TBC with TBCpts
The Combined Team finished 4th overall, and lie TBC in the League.
High JumpASarah Ward3rd1.25m
Long JumpAMartha Clapp6th3.41m
BSarah Ward3rd3.16m
Pole VaultALianne Brooks1st2.50m
Shot PuttALianne Brooks6th6.18m
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