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Event: LRAA County XC Championships
Venue: Foxlands Farm, Cosby, Leics LE9 1SG
Date: 03/01/2015
Distance: Varied

U13 Boys: (3km)
9th George Lowe 13:11
11th Harvey Finch 13:42
13th Tyler Chapman 14:00
14th Will Parry 14:46
*The Team finished 3rd.
*There were a total of 19 finishers.

U13 Girls: (3km)
13th Lizzie Clapp 14:08
24th Georgina Wilson 16:04
25th Hannah Stewart 16:05
27th Bethany Wallis 16:08
*The Team finished 4th.
*There were a total of 33 finishers.

U15 Girls: (4km)
4th Lottie Edwards 18:48
8th Niamh Watson 19:08
9th Mollie Watson 19:10
12th Sophie Domingo 19:32
*The Team finished 2nd.
*There were a total of 19 finishers.

U17 Women: (5km)
3rd Martha Clapp 23:09
*There were a total of seven finishers.

Masters Men: (10km)
4th Sean Fenwick 38:46
18th Martin Gore 44:34
27th Dave Waddington 46:48
41st Kenny Anderson 50:57
*The Team finished 4th.
*There were a total of 50 finishers.

Masters Women: (6km)
19th Marise Taylor 34:27
*There were a total of 27 finishers.
**Full results available via this link.