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Event: Midland Vet's Track & Field League (East Div #1)
Venue: The Edmondscote Track, Leamington Spa.
Date: 29/04/2015
Distance: Varies

Men's Results
EventAge CatNamePositionResult
The men's team finished in 8th place and are currently 8th in the league.
Full results can be found here.
100MM40C. Holliday4th13.7 secs
400MM35W. Clapp5th71.5 secs
M40C. Holliday4th62.1 secs
M50D. Ward6th72.7 secs
2KM WalkM60J. Thompson1st11:50.0
1,500MM40W. Clapp4th5:01.4
M60R. Brown2nd5:58.5
4x200M Relay-C. Holliday
D. Ward
R. Brown
W. Clapp
JavelinM35J. Thompson5th25m 88cm
Women's Results
EventAge CatNamePositionResults
The women's team finished in 2nd place and are currently 2nd in the league.
Full results can be found here.
100MW60A. Knights3rd19.8 secs
W70J. Jones2nd38.4 secs
W50M. Taylor4th16.5 secs
W40L. Lawton5th17.3 secs
W35S. Blencoe5th16.0 secs
400MW35S. Blencoe3rd77.6 secs
W40L. Lawton7th85.4 secs
W60A. Knights3rd122.8 secs
2KM WalkW40J. Jones5th19:40.6
W60Y. Barber2nd14:50.7
1,500MW35D. Napier2nd5:27.4
W40Y. Scarrott2nd5:58.1
W40K. Brooks1st5:20.8
4x200M Relay-L. Lawton
M. Taylor
S. Blencoe
D. Napier
High JumpW50M. Taylor4th1m 10cm
JavelinW50M. Taylor3rd16m 48cm
Shot PutW40D. Napier5th4m 44cm
W50M. Taylor3rd6m 34cm