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Event: The Midland Track & Field League (Div 6 #1)
Venue: The Edmondscote Track, Leamington Spa.
Date: 25/04/2015
Distance: Varies

Track Results
100MAMatt Driver7th (7) 13.7 secs
AAlice Tansey5th (5)14.9 secs
BLianne Brooks4th (5)15.7 secs
100M HA3rd (3)23.4 secs
200MAMatt Driver7th (7)26.5 secs
BAdam Eales5th (5)29.6 secs
ABethany Ellis6th (6)29.7 secs
BMollie Watson4th (4)31.2 secs
4x100M RelayWomenMollie Watson
Niamh Watson
Alice Tansey
Sophie Domingo
3rd (4)58.8 secs
400MAMatt Driver6th (7)58.3 secs
BJamie Thompson5th (5)66.7 secs
AAlice Tansey2nd (5)66.5 secs
BNiamh Watson1st (2)66.6 secs
400M HALianne Brooks3rd (3)90.7 secs
BMarise Taylor1st (1)96.4 secs
4x400M RelayMenMatt Driver
Will Clapp
Jamie Thompson
Adam Eales
3rd (4)4:31.1
WomenLianne Brooks
Mollie Watson
Niamh Watson
Martha Clapp
2nd (2)4:40.4
800MAMatt Driver4th (6)2:07.8
BAdam Brooks3rd (4)2:25.5
ANiamh Watson2nd (6)2:29.2
B Alice Tansey1st (3)2:41.1
1,500MAMatt Driver5th (6)4:47.6
BAdam Eales1st (5)4:58.0
AMollie Watson2nd (3)5:24.3
2000M SCAMatt Driver1st (5)7:36.0
3,000MAMartha Clapp2nd (3)11:17.6
BKaren Brooks1st (2)11:34.0
5,000MAAdam Brooks5th (7)18:17.0
BWill Clapp3rd (4)18:37.3
Field Results
The team finished in 'TBA'.
Full results can be found here.
Pole VaultALianne Brooks2nd (2)2m 50cm
Long JumpABethany Ellis5th (6)4m 24cm
BMartha Clapp3rd (3)3m 21cm
Triple JumpAMollie Watson3rd (5)9m 00cm
BNiamh Watson2nd (2)8m 92cm
Shot PutAAdam Eales6th (6)5m 40cm
BWill Clapp4th (4)4m 10cm
ALianne Brooks4th (7)6m 51cm
BMarise Taylor3rd (4)5m 56cm
DiscusAAdam Eales6th (6)13m 12cm
BJamie Thompson6th (6)11m 25cm
AMarise Taylor4th (6)16m 3cm
HammerAGraham Hillier4th (6)18m 98cm
BAdam Eales4th (4)8m 49cm
AMarise Taylor4th (4)12m 62cm
BLianne Brooks3rd (4)8m 48cm
JavelinAJohn Thompson4th (6)29m 95cm
BJamie Thompson4th (5)24m 67cm
AMarise Taylor5th (7)14m 60cm
BMartha Clapp5th (5)9m 56cm