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Event: Veteran Track & Field (Match 4)
Venue: Charnwood
Date: 13/08/2008
Distance: Varied

200m M35 C. Holiday 4th 27.2s
200m M40 T. Harrison 4th 27.8s
200m M50 S. Edge 7th 31.2s

800m M35 J. Pitcher 1st 2m 09.2secs
800m M40 M. Gore 1st 2m 16.4secs
800m M60 S. Avins 2nd 2m 48.3s

2km Walk M40 J. Thompson 3rd 11m 23.6s
2km Walk M50 D. Oram 5th 12m 43.5s

3000m M35 M. Gore 4th 9m 56.6s
3000m M40 W. Clapp 3rd 10m 05.4s
3000m M50 S. Edge 4th 11m 06.5s

Pole Vault M35 A. Wilkinson 1st 3.35m

Long Jump M35 T. Harrison 6th 4.41m
Long Jump M60 S. Avins 1st 4.25m

4 x 100m Relay 3rd (Harrison, Wilkinson, Pitcher and Holiday)

*The men's team finished equal 3rd; and finished 6th overall for the season.

200m W35 K. Williams 4th 31.4s
200m W45 J. Johnson 6th 38.5s
200m W50 L. Lawton 3rd 34.8s

800m W35 L. Lawton 5th 2m 55.3s
800m (B) N. James 4th 3m 10.3s
800m W45 R. Bingham 4th 2m 56.4s

2km walk W35 Y. Barber 4th 15m 10.08s
2km Walk W45 A. Knights 6th 17m 03.2s

3000m W35 K. Brooks 3rd 11m 44.2s
3000m (B) T. Edwards 4th 13m 45.5s

Javelin W50 Y. Barber 5th 9.52m

Shot Putt W35 N. James 5th 4.58m
Shot Putt W45 J. Roginski 3rd 5.78m

Long Jump W35 T. Edwards 3rd 3.92m

Discus W50 Y. Barber 4th 10.88m

4 x 100m relay 2nd (Williams, James, Lawton and Brooks).

*The ladies team finished 4th; and finished 3rd overall for the saeson.