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Event: Market Harborough Parkrun #11
Venue: Welland Park, Market Harborough
Date: 11/07/2015
Distance: 5km

2nd Martin Gore 18:38
5th Ben Wooding 20:05
6th Tom Ward 20:07
10th Theo Braham 20:24
12th Neil Smith 20:51
18th Kenny Anderson 21:31
43rd Hal Eastwood 23:06
46th Dave Waddington 23:14
72nd Bob Allsopp 24:36
78th Dean Rushby 24:46
79th Ray Lack 24:48
87th Lin Farrow 25:19
154th Yvonne Barber 31:02
157th Michelle Ives 31:34
158th Natalie Ives 31:35
172nd Liz McIndoe 34:10

*There were a total of 203 finishers.
**Full results available via this link.