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Event: Midland Track & Field League, Div 6 #3
Venue: Sutton In Ashfield
Date: 04/07/2015
Distance: Varies

Track Events
100mLianne Brooks6th(A)15.6
Martha Clapp4th(B)14.9
200mNiamh Watson5th(A)29.5
Lianne Brooks2nd(B)31.6
400mJamie Thompson6th(A)77.8
Sophie Domingo1st(A)63.6
Mollie Watson1st(B)67.9
800mJamie Thompson6th(A)2:42.2
Will Clapp4th(B)2:40.4
Martha Clapp3rd(A)2:29.0
Mollie Watson1st(B)2:36.2
1500mWill Clapp5th(A)5:18.7
Jamie Thompson3rd(B)6:12.0
Martha Clapp1st(A)5:12.1
Niamh Watson2nd(B)5:30.0
5000mWill Clapp4th(A)20:32.7
Jamie Thompson3rd(B)23:34.3
400m HurdlesLianne Brooks4th(A)90.3
Marise Taylor2nd(B)99.8
Field Events
The mens team finished 6th and the womens team finished 2nd.
The club is currently 5th in the division.
Full results.
High JumpSophie Domingo2nd(A)1m 50cm
Pole VaultLianne Brooks1st(A)2m 40cm
Long JumpJamie Thompson6th(A)3m 75cm
Niamh Watson3rd(A)4m 38cm
Marise Taylor2nd(B)3m 61cm
Triple JumpSophie Domingo3rd(A)9m 94cm
Mollie Watson2nd(B)9m 59cm
Shot PutGraham Hillier6th(A)5m 93cm
Will Clapp4th(B)3m 82cm
Jill Roginski6th(A)6m 73cm
Marise Taylor2nd(B)6m 8cm
DiscusGraham Hillier6th(A)11m 71cm
Jill Roginski4th(A)18m 92cm
Marise Taylor3rd(B)14m 3cm
HammerGraham Hillier4th(A)18m 94cm
Jill Roginski6th(A)17m 84cm
Marise Taylor3rd(B)15m 82cm
JavelinJill Roginski3rd(A)19m 2cm
Marise Taylor4th(B)14m 80cm