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Event: North Mids XC League #2
Venue: West Glebe Park, Corby
Date: 14/11/2015
Distance: 2km, 3km, 5km, 6km, 10km

Under 11 Mixed (2km)

18th (12th) Hal Eastwood 09:13
26th (19th) Noah Smith 09:32
37th (?) Amelia Lowe 09:57
43rd (30th) Finn White 10:06
51st (35th) Jahiem Obazee 10:36
56th (19th) Emma Vickers 10:43
60th (22nd) Zoe Morgan-Williams 10:53
80th (33rd) Amy Turner 11:57
82nd (47th) Isaac Turner-Henke 12:10

88 finished (39 girls, 49 boys).
The team finished 6th and are currently 7th overall.
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Under 13 Boys (3km)

32nd Alex Villamartin 13:15
33rd Harvey Finch 13:15
47th Rolph Eastwood 14:26
48th Adam Stewart 14:36
52nd Barnaby Smith 15:36
53rd James Vickers 16:26

54 finished.
The team finished 12th.
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Under 13 Girls (3km)

12th Lizzie Clapp 13:45
18th Rohan Finch 14:15
19th Beth Wallis 14:15
30th Hannah Smith 15:02
34th Ella Worthy 15:29

46 finished.
The team finished 4th.
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Under 15 Girls (3km)

17th Hannah Stewart 14:13

25 finished.
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Under 17 Girls (5km)

18th Niamh Watson 23:07
26th Mollie Watson 23:51

33 finished.
The team finished 9th and are currently 7th overall.
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Jun/Sen/Vet Women (6km)

13th (3rd JF) Martha Clapp 26:10
81st Lianne Brooks 32:56
88th Sarah Blencowe 33:39
96th Marise Taylor 34:49
100th (2nd FV 60) Lin Farrow 37:30

107 finished
The team finished 17th and are currently 13th overall.
The vets team finished 7th and are currently 5th overall.
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Jun/Sen/Vet Men (10km)

14th (1st MV 45) Sean Fenwick 36:49
66th Adam Brooks 40:50
70th Dan Taylor 41:02
71st Adam Eales 41:03
97th Will Clapp 42:30
169th Nick Turner 48:50
177th Martin Hughes 49:46
178th Graeme Rolfe 49:50

222 finished.
The team finished 6th and are currently 11th overall.
The vets team finished 8th.
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