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Event: KTH Charity Cup
Venue: Wicksteed Park, Kettering
Date: 28/11/2015
Distance: 2km, 3km, 4.3km, 4.9km, 6.6km, 10km

Under 11 Girls (2km)

5th Finn White 10:03
10th Zoe Morgan Williams 10:33

23 finished.

Under 11 Boys (2km)

6th Hal Eastwood 08:49
11th Max Fletcher 09:31
13th Noah Smith 09:33

21 finished.
The team finished 2nd.

Under 13 Girls (3km)

3rd Lizzie Clapp 13:00
10th Rohan Finch 13:56
11th Hannah Smith 14:11
22nd Evie Anderson 16:29

25 finished.
The team finished 2nd.

Under 13 Boys (3km)

4th Harvey Finch 12:49
7th Alex Villamartin 13:19
10th Rolph Eastwood 13:37
11th Toby Fletcher 14:01
14th Adam Stewart 15:19
15th Barnaby Smith 15:22

17 finished.
The team finished 2nd.

Under 17 Girls (4.9km)

6th Niamh Watson 22:54
8th Mollie Watson 23:57

13 finished.

Sen/Vet Women (4.9km)

3rd Martha Clapp 22:36

18 finished.

Sen/Vet Men (10km)

32nd Jamie Thompson 51:06

34 finished.
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