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Event: Heart Of England Athletics League, Div 3 #1
Venue: Stourport-on-severn
Date: 07/05/2016
Distance: Varies

Track Events

EventAge CatHeatAthletePosResult
75mU11AHal Eastwood2nd11.7
Emilia Lowe2nd12.3
BZoe Morgan Williams2nd12.8
75m HU15ABeatrice Spencer4th15.6
BBethany Wallis2nd16.7
80m HAWill Parry1st13.6
BGeorge Lowe1st17.0
100mU15ABarnaby Smith4th14.0
BToby Fletcher4th15.0
U13AJahiem Obazee5th15.7
BNoah Smith3rd16.1
U13AElla Worthey5th15.6
200mU15ATyler Chapman4th26.3
U13AJahiem Obazee6th32.1
BRolph Eastwood3rd31.2
U15ABetrice Spencer5th31.5
U13AHannah Smith2nd29.8
BEmma Vickers2nd30.8
300mU15AWill Parry2nd42.2
Lizzie Clapp4th50.8
600mU11AHal Eastwood1st1:56.0
BMax Fletcher2nd2:05.9
800mU15ATyler Chapman3rd2:19.2
BToby Fletcher2nd2:42.4
ABethany Wallis2nd2:44.0
U13AElla Worthey5th2:51.1
BEmma Vickers2nd2:51.8
U15ALizzie Clapp1st5:31.5
U13AHannah Smith2nd5:45.4

Field Events

EventAge CatHeatAthletePosResult
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High JumpU15AGeorge Lowe3rd1m 35cm
Long Jump4m 19cm
BBarnaby Smith2nd4m 05cm
U13ANoah Smith5th3m 58cm
BJahiem Obazee4th3m 48cm
U11AMax Fletcher4th3m 16cm
U15Lizzie Clapp5th2m 85cm
U13Hannah Smith2nd4m 21cm
BEmma Vickers3rd3m 13cm
U11AEmilia Lowe3rd2m 75cm
Shot PutU15ATyler Chapman3rd6m 98cm
U13Rolph Eastwood4th3m 50cm
Ella Worthey4th4m 64cm
JavelinU15AToby Fletcher4th8m87cm
SWLianne Brooks3rd12m 05cm