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Event: Heart Of England Athletics League #1
Venue: Saffron Lane, Leicester
Date: 07/05/2017
Distance: Varies

Under 11

Both the boys and girls finished 2nd overall.
HowlerA1st24m 91cmLuke Armstrong
Long JumpA2nd2m 95cm
B2nd2m 68cmTom Hayes
A2nd2m 04cmGracie Mathie-Russell
B2m 54cmFlorence Smith
75mA3rd12.30Gillie Smith
B1st12.40Tom Hayes
A2nd12.60Florence Smith
B1st13.50Gracie Mathie-Russell
GuestN/A13.00Amber Dowman
600mA3rd02:05.6Tom Hayes
B3rd02:16.8Luke Armstrong
A2nd02:14.6Gracie Mathie-Russell
B2nd02:04.0Florence Smith
4x100m (Mixed)A2nd69.0Florence Smith
Luke Armstrong
Gracie Mathie-Russell
Tom Hayes

Under 13

The boys finished 2nd and the girls finished 5th.
800mA2nd02:39.5Hal Eastwood
B2nd02:39.7Noah Smith
100mA3rd15.0Jahiem Obazee
B2nd15.5Max Fletcher
A2nd14.2Emma Vickers
75m HA2nd17.1Max Fletcher
200m2nd30.4Jahiem Obazee
B2nd32.1Noah Smith
A1st29.2Emma Vickers
1500m3rd05:59.5Max Fletcher
Shot Put2nd3m 72cmHal Eastwood
Long Jump3rd3m 72cmNoah Smith
B2nd3m 08cmHal Eastwood
A1st3m 59cmEmma Vickers
Discus2nd12m 33cmJahiem Obazee
4x100m2nd63.1Max Fletcher
Jahiem Obazee
Hal Eastwood
Noah Smith

Under 15

The boys finished 2nd and the girls finished 1st.
Long JumpA1st4m 77cmBarnaby Smith
B2nd3m 61cmToby Fletcher
A1st4m 23cmHannah Smith
B3rd3m 76cmElla Worthey
DiscusA2nd14m 34cmToby Fletcher
1st14m 59cmBeatrice Spencer
B2nd9m 69cmLizzie Clapp
75m HA2nd16.5Bethany Wallis
B1st17.2Eilidh Maclean
High JumpA1m 45cmBethany Wallis
Shot Put7m 97cmTyler Chapman
6m 64cmEilidh Maclean
B5m 74cmBethany Wallis
100mA2nd13.3Barnaby Smith
4th14.4Beatrice Spencer
B2nd15.4Lizzie Clapp
300mA1st40.8Tyler Chapman
46.9Eilidh Maclean
B46.2Hannah Smith
200mA1st27.2Barnaby Smith
3rd30.3Beatrice Spencer
B30.5Ella Worthey
800mA1st02:16.6Tyler Chapman
02:37.5Hannah Smith
B02:45.4Ella Worthey
4x100mA1st55.6Barnaby Smith
Toby Fletcher
Rolph Eastwood
Tyler Chapman
2nd57.3Hannah Smith
Ella Worthey
Beatrice Spencer
Eilidh Maclean

Under 17

The boys finished 2nd and the girls finished 1st.
The club finished 1st overall.
800mA1st02:17.3Thomas Wainwright
B02:18.1Will Parry
A3rd02:40.7Mollie Watson
B2nd02:44.7Niamh Watson
100m HA1st16.4Will Parry
400m2nd56.4Thomas Wainwright
300m3rd50.2Mollie Watson
B2nd56.4Hannah Stewart
Shot Put4th6m 09cmAlice Tansey
B2nd4m 55cmHannah Stewart
DiscusA1st13m 60cmMollie Watson
B1st12m 86cmAlice Tansey
Long JumpA2nd4m 38cmMollie Watson
4x100m1st60.3Mollie Watson
Niamh Watson
Alice Tansey
Hannah Stewart