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Event: Markfield '10' (LRRL)
Venue: Markfield
Date: 25/01/2009
Distance: 10km

119th Shane Edge 41m 32secs
146th Rick Brown 42m 18secs
212th Ady King 44m 35secs
231st Graeme Rolfe 45m 17secs
370th Ruth Bingham 51m 52secs
373rd Lianne Brooks 52m 01secs
411th Lin Farrow 54m 04secs
447th Dave Oram 56m 56secs
457th Jo Johnston 57m 50secs
479th Linda Lawton 60m 39secs
483rd Yvonne Barber 60m 52secs
493rd Rebecca Pope 62m 13secs

*There were a total of 519 finishers.

**The Men's Team are lying 7th in League 3, the Veteran Men's Team 2nd in League 3.

***The Women's Team are lying 11th in League 2, the Veteran Women's Team are 13th.

*Full results available via