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Event: Midlands XC Championships
Venue: Leamington Spa
Date: 26/01/2019

Under 13 Girls - 3km

121 finished.
Full results.
115th0:17:34Zoe Morgan-Williams
121st0:19:46Aisha Redhead

Under 13 Boys - 3km

114 finished.
Full results.
86th0:14:30Thomas Hayes
110th0:16:24Isaac Turner-Henke

Under 15 Girls - 4km

96 finished.
Full results.
93rd0:23:20Amy Turner-Henke

Under 15 Boys - 4km

81 finished.
Full results.
27th0:15:49Adam Barber

Under 17 Girls - 5km

51 finished.
The team finished 5/7 with 82pts.
Full results.
17th0:22:30Eilidh Maclean
21st0:22:57Bethany Wallis
44th0:25:40Lizzie Clapp

Under 20 Men - 8km

35 finished.
Full results.
35th0:38:04Tom Fortnum

Senior Ladies - 8km

PosAC PosTimeName
263 finished.
The team finished 31/35 with 822pts.
Full results.
194th75th Sen F0:47:09Lianne Brooks
200th9th F 550:47:35Marise Taylor
213th26th F 450:49:38Tracy Southwell
215th27th F 450:49:52Louise McAllister

Senior Men - 12km

PosAC PosTimeName
403 finished.
The team finished 27/33 with 1,393pts.
Full results.
172nd12th M 500:50:58Jamie McAllister
191st83rd Sen M0:51:55Tom Ward
205th16th M 450:52:49David Maclean
261st29th M 450:55:47Garry Hodgkins
278th31st M 450:57:10Nick Turner-Henke
286th34th M 450:57:40Peter Attenborough
293rd32nd M 500:58:11Graeme Rolfe
310th37th M 500:59:18Will Clapp
332nd42nd M 4501:01:05Iain Barber
350th48th M 4001:02:40Ian 'Barefoot' Southwell
357th50th M 4001:02:55Gary Wallis