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Event: RH Carnival Of Running
Venue: Market Harborough
Date: 08/06/2019
Distance: 5km, 10km, 13.1 miles


78 finished.
Full results.
7th (1st M Jnr)0:18:51Toby Fletcher
17th (2nd F 40)0:20:53Maria Shaw
43rd (2nd F 50)0:26:57Carmen Rivera


PosGun TimeChip TimeName
377 finished.
Full results.
2nd0:37:050:37:04Adam Eales
18th (3rd M 50)0:42:540:42:46Nick Osborne
19th0:42:580:42:41Matt West
40th0:45:470:45:43Iain Barber
48th (2nd M Jnr)0:46:420:46:37Ben Brant
51st (2nd F Sen)0:46:490:46:43Lucy Jenkinson
64th0:48:510:48:35Martin Peel
76th0:49:340:49:21David Sidloff
83rd0:50:160:49:59Chris Loake
106th0:52:070:51:59Carrie Holt
131st0:53:180:53:14Sarah Blencowe
133rd0:53:260:53:15Jules Chapman
146th0:54:090:53:57Sarah Goode
158th0:55:08Dean Rushby
160th (1st F 60)0:55:110:55:00Val Goode
168th (1st F Jnr)0:56:120:55:49Amy Hudson
187th0:56:520:56:30Leanne Shrive
209th0:57:550:57:33Jonathan Leach
213th0:58:050:57:28Stuart Nimmo
230th0:59:220:58:49David Moore
248th01:00:090:59:49Natalie Ives
250th01:00:22Anabel Kanjurs
278th01:02:5201:02:19Nathan Williamson
279th01:02:57Katy Headley
294th01:03:3901:03:03Nicola Spencer
297th01:03:5301:03:23Carmel Perrin
298thKate Keal
299th01:03:5301:03:24Patsy Wilson
310th01:04:4101:04:05Emma Brown
328th (2nd F 70)01:06:0501:05:43Pam Hilliam
353rd01:09:3001:09:09Emma Giles
354th01:09:1401:08:58Catherine Searcy
355th01:09:5701:09:16Bath Smith
366th01:13:1701:12:55Louise Dicicco
369th01:14:4901:14:37Ntola Obazee
376th01:18:0901:17:46Christine Kershaw
380th (3rd F 70)01:25:0501:24:53Carole Nelson

Half Marathon

PosGun TimeChip TimeName
205 finished.
Full results.
5th01:24:41Ben Wooding
6th01:24:48Tom Kershaw
10th01:28:54Kev Burgess
15th (2nd M 50)01:34:2801:34:03Steve King
19th (2nd M 40)01:36:05Peter Attenborough
24th01:37:3001:37:25Ade Stewart
27th01:38:11Keith Mathews
57th01:45:2501:45:22Sian Waldron
59th01:45:2801:45:17Ian Southwell
61st (1st F 50)01:45:3301:45:31Katy Kenyon
66th (3rd F 40)01:47:31Hazel O'Connell
70th01:49:3301:49:31Simon Poynton
86th (2nd F 50)01:52:4801:52:29Christine Voelkerling
134th02:02:0602:01:53Louise Mcallister
168th (2nd F 60)02:14:3202:14:17Michele Brocklebank
169th02:14:3302:14:18Tracy Southwell
177th02:18:4302:18:26Molly Smith
188th02:23:5502:23:41Graeme Rolfe