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Event: Heart Of England Athletics League, Div 4 #2
Venue: Banbury
Date: 07/07/2019

Full results.
75m U11 M A 4th 14.1 Danyal Redhead
100m U17 M A 3rd 12.8 Barnaby Smith
100m U13 F A 1st 14.9 Florence Smith
100m U13 F B 2nd 16.9 Amber Dowman
200m U17 M A 3rd 26.0 Barnaby Smith
200m U13 M A 4th 31.9 Tom Hayes
200m U13 M B 2nd 30.3 Gillie Oliver Smith
200m SF A 1st 27.2 Hannah Smith
200m U13 F A 5th 35.2 Lily Harris
200m U13 F B 5th 36.1 Aisha Redhead
300m U15 M A 1st 42.6 Noah smith
300m SF A 1st 42.8 Hannah Smith
600m U11 F A 4th 2:25.1 Chloe Smith
800m U15 M A 1st 2:13.4 Noah Smith
800m U15 M B 1st 2:27.8 Hal Eastwood
800m U13 M A 2nd 2:35.9 Tom Hayes
800m U13 F A 5th 3:13.3 Aisha Redhead
1500m U17 M A 1st 5:18.4 Ben Brant
1500m U13 F A 2nd 6:09.1 Lily Harris
70mH U13 F A 3rd 15.7 Florence Smith
70mH U13 F B 3rd 16.3 Amber Dowman
4x100m U13 F 4th 66.0
Long Jump U17 M A 2nd 4m 94cm Barnaby Smith
Long Jump U15 M A 5th 3m 82cm Hal Eastwood
Long Jump U13 M A 3rd 3m 73cm Tom Hayes
Long Jump U13 M B 1st 3m 71cm Gillie Oliver Smith
Long Jump U11 M A 4th 2m 05cm Danyal Redhead
Long Jump U13 F A 5th 3m 59cm Florence Smith
Long Jump U13 F B 4th 2m 92cm Amber Dowman
Shot Put U15 M A 2nd 5m 31cm Hal Eastwood
Shot Put U13 F A 5th 4m 02cm Lily Harris
Shot Put U13 F B 3rd 3m 43cm Aisha Redhead
Javelin U15 M A 1st 14m 92cm Noah Smith
Javelin SF A 1st 17m 07cm Hannah Smith
Javelin U13 M A 2nd 12m 03cm Gillie Oliver Smith