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Event: Corby '5' (EMGP)
Venue: East Carlton Country Park, Corby
Date: 27/05/2009
Distance: 5 Miles

21st Will Clapp 28mins 57s
31st Jason Pitcher 29mins 36s
39th Lazloe Boden 30mins 29s
58th Richard Bufton 31mins 25s (3rd MV50)
67th Steve Costall 31mins 43s
68th Adam Brooks 31mins 44s
86th Hannah Eveleigh 32mins 44s (2nd FV35)
95th Shane Edge 33mins 42s
103rd Rick Brown 34mins 04s (4th MV55)
107th Nick Turner-Henke 34mins 09s
149th Martin Hughes 36mins 13s
162nd Dean Rushby 36mins 46s
167th Fiona Light 37mins 04s (5th FS)
196th Jessica Edge 38mins 16s (2nd F20)
263rd Lianne Brooks 43mins 41s
298th Yvonne Barber 49mins 02s (5th FV50)
303rd Debbie Clasper 49mins 40s
316th Rebecca Pope 54mins 38s

*There were a total of 318 finishers.

**The Men's Team were 5th, with the Veteran Men 3rd. The Women's Team were 8th, and the Veteran Women 9th.

***Full results available via