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Event: Weedon '10' (EMGP)
Venue: Weedon
Date: 02/06/2009
Distance: 10km

28th Martin Gore 38mins 23s
32nd Lazloe Boden 38mins 39s (2nd MV45)
58th Richard Bufton 40mins 13s (4th MV50)
77th Adam Brooks 41mins 26s
100th SHane Edge 42mins 57s
101st Alan Fordham 42mins 59s
108th Rick Brown 43mins 22s (3rd MV55)
133rd Nick Tunrer-Henke 44mins 30s
197th Dean Rushby 48mins 22s
222nd Chris Loake 50mins 10s
285th Lianne Brooks 55mins 16s
289th Lin Farrow 55mins 39s (4th FV50)

*There were a total of 326 finishers.

**The Men's Team were 7th, with the Veteran Men 5th.

***Full results are available via