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Event: Harborough '5' (EMGP)
Venue: Gartree, Market Harborough
Date: 16/06/2009
Distance: 5 Miles

10th Sean Fenwick 27mins 41s
19th Will Clapp 28mins 09s
27th Jason Pitcher 28mins 45s
37th Lazloe Boden 29mins 39s (5th MV45)
57th Steve Costall 30mins 36s
62nd Richard Bufton 30mins 44s (2nd MV50)
89th Ady King 31mins 55s
94th Adam Brooks 32mins 18s
101st Hannah Eveleigh 32mins 34s (4th FV35)
104th Shane Edge 32mins 46s (5th MV50)
109th Hugh Delargy 32mins 53s
136th Nick Turner-Henke 33mins 43s
198th Jessica Edge 36mins 10s (2nd F20)
213th Katy Kenyon 36mins 38s
239th P Oliver 37mins 52s
250th Nick Johnson 38mins 11s
268th Chris Loake 38mins 55s
294th Ruth Bingham 40mins 09s
302nd Lianne Brooks 40mins 40s
313th Lindsey Kelsall 41mins 10s
319th Stuart Nimmo 41mins 27s
338th Geshom Nyathi 42mins 19s
339th Sean Maxwell 42mins 19s
347th Bev Wilson 42mins 49s
358th Barry Yarwood 43mins 38s
361st Maria Kilby 44mins 19s
365th Toby Orr 44mins 35s
368th Jo Johnson 44mins 48s
373rd Dave Oram 45mins 07s
384th Yvonne Barber 47mins 57s
385th Hayley Whiteman 48mins 00s
386th Debbie Clasper 48mins 16s
400th Rebecca Pope 53mins 55s

*There were a total of 401 finishers.

**The Men's Team were 3rd, and the Veteran Men also 3rd. The Women's Team were 5th, and the Veteran Women 6th.

***Full results available via