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Event: HAC Xmas Handicap
Venue: The Leisure Centre, Market Harborough
Date: 19/12/2009
Distance: 3 Miles

1st Martha Clapp 26mins 49s (time includes handicap)
2nd Will Clapp 28mins 04s
3rd Jake Watson 28mins 23s
4th Scott Speller 28mins 39s
5th Dave Oram 29mins 07s
6th Emily Taylor 29mins 20s
7th Alan Fordham 29mins 31s
8th Ruth Bingham 29mins 34s
9th Dan Worley 29mins 38s
10th Sean Maxwell 29mins 41s
11th Graeme Rolfe 29mins 45s
12th Marise Taylor 30mins 01s
13th Maxine McGinnes 30mins 04s
14th Jackie King 30mins 05s
15th Nick Johnston 30mins 21s
16th Martin Hughes 30mins 42s
17th Daniel Taylor 30mins 58s
18th Jo Johnston 31mins 00s
19th Theresa Brown 31mins 04s
20th Matthew Taylor 31mins 14s
21st David Ward 31mins 32s
22nd Sarah Ward 31mins 57s
23rd Rebecca Pope 32mins 38s