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Event: Leicestershire & Rutland XC County Championships
Venue: Brocks Hill, Oadby
Date: 09/01/2010
Distance: Varied

U17 Men (6km):
9th Jake Watson 28mins 21s
*There were a total of 20 finishers.

Men (10km):
15th Sean Fenwick 37mins 19s (3rd Masters Man)
35th Will Clapp 40mins 28s (10th MM)
40th Martin Gore 41mins 24s (13th MM)
54th Dave Waddingotn 43mins 10s (21st MM)
60th Adam Brooks 44mins 17s
73rd Shane Edge 46mins 51s (34th MM)
83rd Alan Fordham 49mins 09s (42nd MM)
97th Dave Oram 65mins 50s (51st MM)
*There were a total of 97 finishers (52 Masters Men).
**The Masters Men's Team finished 3rd overall.

U13 Girls:
11th Bethany Ellis 17mins 33s
12th Martha Clapp 17mins 46s
*There were a total of 34 finishers.

U17 Women:
7th Emily Taylor 26mins 45s
9th Sarah Ward 28mins 08s
*There were a total of 9 finishers.

Masters Women (6km):
2nd Hannah Eveleigh 29mins 58s
7th Karen Brooks 33mins 50s
*There were a total of 15 finishers.

***Full results are available via the website.