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Event: Ashby '5' (LRRL Series, Race 1)
Venue: Ashby
Date: 17/01/2010
Distance: 5.12 Miles (revised)

12th Lazloe Boden 27mins 57s
78th Adam Brooks 31mins 15s
79th Matt Driver 31mins 16s
107th Ady King 32mins 11s
178th Alan Fordham 34mins 48s
208th Martin Hughes 36mins 02s
354th Ruth Bingham 41mins 36s
386th Lin Farrow 44mins 04s
387th Jackie King 44mins 24s
388th Jo Johnston 44mins 29s
393rd Dave Oram 44mins 55s
417th Lianne Brooks 46mins 23s

*There were a total of 461 finishers.

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