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Event: Barrow '6' (LRRL Series, Race 2)
Venue: Barrow
Date: 24/01/2010
Distance: 6 Miles

16th Lazloe Boden 34mins 01s
82nd Richard Bufton 37mins 33s
94th Adam Brooks 37mins 51s
120th Ady King 39mins 02s
136th Hugh Delargy 39mins 30s
222nd Alan Fordham 42mins 57s
231st Martin Hughes 43mins 21s
351st Pete Leach 47mins 43s
398th Ruth Bingham 50mins 03s
423rd Hazel Buswell 51mins 58s
432nd Lin Farrow 52mins 38s
435th Jackie King 52mins 48s
437th Jo Johnston 52mins 58s
451st Dave Oram 54mins 19s

*There were a total of 524 finishers.

**Full results available via the results page of Huncote Harriers AC